A New Start

Welcome To a New Start!

Today Radical Press officially goes online.

What is Radical Press?

Radical Press is a journalist collective which was setup on the Isle of Man to challenge the news monopoly the Island faces. All three of the Island’s newspapers, The Courier, Independent and Examiner are owned and controlled by a single entity. The press play a pivotal role in any democratic society, and it feels wrong that this organisation holds such a stronghold on our news and controls the conversation of the public.

We aim to write in great depth on events and explain the possible effects of these on the public. We’ll discuss how the general public can get involved and when possible, challenge events and decisions.

Our final aim is to provide reliable, trustworthy investigative journalism. We will investigate anyone and everyone in the public eye to uncover any and all corruption and make it known to the public.

Overall, we have been setup to challenge those in power, elected and unelected and to be a force they fear.

If you would like to support us, please consider blowing the whistle or donating.

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