Blow The Whistle

If you would like to submit a story or any information, please email

If the story / information is sensitive, please read below for advice on how to submit it privately and securely. We are working on a secure drop.

  1. Create a new email address: This can be one you use once for this purpose and never use again, or one you use for future private communications. We recommend using ProtonMail
  2. Use a VPN: This is in order to anonymise your location and prevent other people from figuring out who you are as well as viewing your communications on a network.
  3. Don’t use your personal machine: Don’t use your everyday machine to send us any information. Either use a cheap device which you can then dispose of, or public ones such as in libraries using the Tails live operating system to protect your anonymity.

We realise these aren’t guaranteed methods of protecting yourself, but it helps. We will refuse to reveal sources as much as we can. If you use the right methods, we won’t be able to comply with information requests when forced.