What is Radical Press?

Radical Press is a journalist collective which was setup on the Isle of Man to challenge the news monopoly the Island faces. All three of the Island’s newspapers, The Courier, Independent and Examiner are owned and controlled by a single entity. The press play a pivotal role in any democratic society, and it feels wrong that this organisation holds such a stronghold on our news and controls the conversation of the public.

What are the aims of Radical Press?

  1. To hold all in positions of power (elected and unelected) accountable.
  2. To expose corruption and scandals.
  3. Write in great depth on issues the Island faces as well as explain how these will affect the population.
  4. To provide reliable and trustworthy journalism.
  5. To challenge the status quo.

What security measures do we take?

We will not name any source that wishes to remain anonymous. Furthermore, we explain on the page where people can Blow The Whistle what precautions they should take to remain anonymous.

We don’t store any of our information on the actual web server. All files and information as soon as it is received, is sent to a secure and encrypted Swiss server. This means in the unlikely event our website is compromised, none of our sources or information will be compromised.

What’s your bias?

Every single person has a bias and opinion. That is a fact. We lean on the left of the political spectrum. Although we are typically left wing, this does not mean we will report on things purely from that angle. The way we report will often vary from story to story and from the author(s) and contributors. We also commit to reporting all corruption and scandals we are informed of, regardless of who committed them and their political affiliations.

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